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InfinStor User Management

Creating Data Scientist Users

InfinStor user accounts can be created for Data Scientists by pressing Users, Manage Users in the sidebar. A service wide unique username is required for creating a new Data Scientist.

Data Scientist User Creation

  • Browse to Users -> Manage Users from the sidebar
  • Click on the Add Data Scientist User button
  • Enter a system wide unique username and the email address of the Data Scientist
  • The username has to be unique, however, the email address need not be unique
  • The new Data Scientist user will receive an email message with a temporary password and must login and change password to proceed

Enabling jupyterlab functionality for a Data Scientist

  • Click on the Jupyterlab slider
  • A flyout will pop up and show the available virtual machine choices as a drop down
  • Select an instance type and press OK
  • A new instance of the specified type will be created the first time the Data Scientist browses to
  • Creation of this VM instance takes about 30 minutes or so
  • The VM will be stopped (not terminated) upon detection of 15 minutes of idle time
  • Subsequently, the VM will be restarted when the user browses to
  • Note that when the VM is in stopped state, compute charges are not incurred. Storage charges for the 64GB root volume are incurred
  • Note also that the VM and the root volume are created in your cloud account and hence are your responsibility

Deleting a Data Scientist User

  • Data Scientist accounts may be deleted by first disabling then deleting