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Using InfinStor Mlflow With R

Two environment variables must be set in order to use InfinStor MLflow service with R


MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI must be set to

Here is how you set this environment variable in bash



Please do not include a trailing slash in the above URI. will not work


The second environment variable that must be set is MLFLOW_TRACKING_TOKEN. This must be set to the authentication token stored in the ~/.infinstor/token file. The ~/.infinstor/token file is obtained by using the service dashboard, and clicking on Configuration->Create Token

Here is an example of setting this environment variable in bash

export MLFLOW_TRACKING_TOKEN='Custom 828650c-3436-234b-8be1-235521354654:AGKt-HhZmWslAYdNznSLxxhhG6emsaoQh0SRN8kJan5TI2Ym7ZALbnubCJI2QJtAjhQUQt5yB3jSSwp4THvtzLG-axMaXwg1T0unArXXKGRO5hksWei4fCVuzp4tRDLab10PG-WJs1OE6gAnCJsSibA-uOYIZz7Jns3oY1LoQ50d62UOvdtwOwT29Ae0Uj5-8CuZEUHylmNBhBQP2je_ApBih4ycaPSnR-ERP-5bzyQ2WPVFasR_eXemsT0VOeoc2kW7I43dPoFgbIvFP9VX4F9JNFjOZT_WEce8nGNjb-aONJlCu_fbDy6f4xWokYLXxwPqq-QscCWHQMNbSAYCHA