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InfinLogs for CloudWatch Architecture

InfinLogs is an AI Application for Log Analysis.

Logs are ingested into CloudWatch and stored therein. InfinLogs periodically reads each log event and runs it through a series of custom deep learning models. Search indexes, metrics, alerts and anomalies are detected using these AI techniques. Log events are not removed from CloudWatch and standard techniques for managing CloudWatch events will continue to work

Periodic run

The InfinLogs Periodic Run is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) of computation that utilizes compute resources in Kubernetes to process each event.

Custom Models

The custom models developed by InfinStor are run using Concurrent for MLflow, a sophisticated AI specific DAG runner. Further, models and experiments are managed using InfinStor MLflow, and Enterprise grade MLops platform.

You can manage InfinSnap buckets by select InfinStor enabled buckets from the sidebar on the left panel.

Outstanding User Experience

The backend work by our AI engine is translated into a responsive and intuitive search interface. Further, AI extracted metrics are presented with seamless integration with CloudWatch logs.