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InfinSlice is the capability to go back in time and view your bucket data in any given period, i.e. a start time and an end time. This capability solves the following problems:

  • If your deep learning algorithm is capable of continuous learning, you can take InfinSlices of data (perhaps every hour, or every minute) and incrementally train your model
  • Use InfinSlice to grab slices of data since your production model was trained, and re-train your model code. Checking the score will tell you if your model is suffering from Data Drift


To use InfinSlice, choose a start time and an end time. Then press the browse button and select a bucket/path. Other operations such as transforms will now use this InfinSlice.

  • Hint: Use small 15 second InfinSlices while developing your transforms, then apply the transforms to InfinSnaps consisting of a large number of objects