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Install Concurrent for InfinStor MLflow

Concurrent for MLflow is an Apache Licensed open source project for running Deep Learning/Machine Learning pipelines, in parallel, in Kubernetes, using MLprojects

Use the following CFT URL to perform an install:

CFT Parameters

  • For all parameters, accept default values except for the ones below.
  • GkeLocationType
    • chooose zonal. Needs to be specified but not used.
  • MlflowParallelsDnsName
    • the subdomain name to use for Concurrent REST API endpoint. Default is concurrent. Override if needed.
  • MlflowParallelsCertificateArnParam
    • If CreateCertificates CFT parameter was set to false (when creating the Infinstor MLflow root stack ), then specify the wildcard certificate ARN to use. This certificate will be used for the above Concurrent REST API endpoint.
  • ParallelsCftVersion
  • ecrType
    • chooose private. Needs to be specified but not used.