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InfinStor Authentication Flow

The InfinStor Service authentication system uses Amazon Cognito. This single sign on is used for authentication to the InfinStor service dashboard, the Jupyterlab sidebar with access to Mlflow UI, Mlflow CLI for Mlflow Projects, etc.

Token file

The token received from Cognito user authentication is stored in the file ~/.infinstor/token. This file is created by two methods

Jupyterlab Sidebar Login

  1. When the user logs in using the Jupyterlab sidebar, the ~/.infinstor/token file is written on the machine running the jupyter server process
  2. When the user logs in using the following CLI command, the ~/.infinstor/token file is written in that machine

Command Line Login

python -m infinstor_mlflow_plugin.login
  • You must be logged in using one of the above two methods in order to use the InfinStor Mlflow components
  • The InfinStor jupyterlab sidebar prompts for this login before you can access the sidebar functionality