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InfinStor Mlflow Tracking - Concepts and High Level Architecture

InfinStor Mlflow Tracking Server is a cloud native implementation using AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB. It is highly scalable and can support any number of users concurrenlty, without having to resize sql databases or REST server components.

High Level Architecture 1: Mlflow Tracking

  • This shows the Mlflow Tracking components of the InfinStor Starter service
  • InfinStor Mlflow Tracking server is an implementation of the Mlflow REST API using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB
  • Applications that use Mlflow Tracking need to set the environment variable MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI to infinstor://
  • If you have installed the InfinStor service in your own AWS Account using your own domain, then replace with your own mlflow REST endpoint
  • The Mlflow User Interface is accessed using the InfinStor Jupyterlab sidebar
  • Authentication of mlflow REST API is by AWS cognito
  • All REST server connections are encrypted using TLS