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InfinStor ML Data Tools - Concepts and Architecture


InfinStor maintains metadata about every operation performed on your Cloud Object Store (S3 or compatible). This enables InfinStor to present a view of your bucket as it existed at any time in the Past. This preserves your ability to access a read-only version of the data you trained your model with, even if your data is deleted or modified in any way after your training run. Further, you do not need to organize you data ingest in any specific manner. Finally, you do not need to change your code in order to access data from a different point in time.


InfinSlice is an enhancement to InfinSnap - you can specify a start time and an end time, and the data that was ingested in between the start time and end time is presented.

Storage Labels

Labels add convenience to InfinSnap and InfinStor by adding the ability to name a chosen InfinSnap or InfinSlice. Once labelled, the label name can be used to refer to the data specified. In fact, a label consists of the following: - InfinSnap time or InfinSlice start and end time - bucketname - path in bucket