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Welcome to InfinStor


The InfinStor Machine Learning Platform is a multi cloud Machine Learning service with storage innovations and a hosted Mlflow service. It is available as a free Starter edition and a Premium Edition

InfinStor Starter with Mlflow

  • AWS Hosted Mlflow Service with Mlflow Tracking, Mlflow Projects and Mlflow Models
  • Mlflow service does not require a dedicated 24x7 mysql server or mlflow server running
  • User authentication using AWS Cognito; federation to Active Directory possible
  • Cloud scale
  • Run Mlflow projects inline in jupyterlab or in a single VM in the cloud

InfinStor Premium with Mlflow

  • InfinSnap for Data Provenance
  • InfinSlice for quick iteration and transform development
  • Tensor Snapshots for quick iteration over multiple hyper parameters
  • Run Mlflow projects in an EMR instance