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Welcome to InfinStor


InfinStor is a Python focused multicloud ML platform. Our cloud based service uses stock open source such as Jupyterlab/hub/MLflow/conda. InfinStor is enhanced using proprietary innovations in storage such as snapshots of object stores, slices of data from object stores, etc. Additionally, our compute platform can run different parts of the machine language workflow in different clouds.

InfinStor Editions

InfinStor Starter with Hosted Jupyterlab and Mlflow

  • Multi cloud hosted Jupyterhub with Jupyterlab for each data scientist
  • Single VM per hosted jupyterlab; VM is shutdown upon 15 minutes idle
  • Multi Cloud Hosted Mlflow Service with Mlflow Tracking, Mlflow Projects and Mlflow Models
  • Mlflow service does not require a dedicated 24x7 mysql server or mlflow server running
  • User authentication using AWS Cognito; federation to Active Directory possible
  • Cloud scale
  • Run Mlflow projects inline in jupyterlab or in a single VM in the cloud

InfinStor Premium

  • InfinSnap for Data Provenance
  • InfinSlice for quick iteration and transform development
  • Tensor Snapshots for quick iteration over multiple hyper parameters
  • InfinStor Compute Engine for running different parts of your Machine Learning workflow in different clouds
  • Run Mlflow projects in an EMR instance