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Transforms with no Input

No I/O assistance

In this type of transform, the InfinStor client library does not read or write any files from storage - that is the responsibility of user code

Parameters are specified as kwargs while setting up the transform run

When setting up the transform run, the parameters are specified as kwargs. These kwargs are converted to command line arguments, i.e. sys.argv when the script is run

For example, while setting up the run, the user may specify two kwargs:

  • key model_class_name with value AutoModelForQuestionAnswering
  • key model_name with value bert-large-uncased-whole-word-masking-finetuned-squad

When this transform is run in ICE (InfinStor Compute Engine), the script may extract the parameters as follows:

for arg in sys.argv:
    if (arg.startswith('--model_class_name=')):
        model_class_name = arg[len('--model_class_name='):]
    elif (arg.startswith('--model_name=')):
        model_name = arg[len('--model_name='):]

print('model_class_name=' + str(model_class_name) + ', model_name=' + str(model_name))