Jupyterlab Setup in Data Scientists's own Laptop

This page describes how you can setup your own laptop or desktop's Jupyterlab for accessing InfinStor services.

Note that InfinStor also includes the capability to host jupyterlab instances in the cloud for data scientists. If that is your preferred mode of operation, you do not need to perform the following steps - the cloud hosted jupyterlab already includes the following packages.


First install npm by downloading from npmjs.org

Next, install pre-requisites as shown below.

pip install mlflow
conda install -c conda-forge -y ipywidgets
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager
npm install @jupyterlab/notebook
pip install aiohttp

InfinStor Python Packages

The InfinStor serivce is augmented by three python packages that are distributed through Pypi and installing using pip. These packages need to be installed in the Data Scientist laptop or desktop, the Cloud VM where transforms are executed and Cloud VMs that are part of distributed computing frameworks such as EMR

  • infinstor: The InfinStor SDK. It is installing using 'pip install infinstor'
  • infinstor-mlflow-plugin: The MLflow plugin required for MLflow tracking, projects, transforms etc.
  • jupyterlab_infinstor: This package supports the InfinStor jupyterlab sidebar. This is loaded in the jupyterlab server process and needs to be installed in that python environment using the command 'pip install jupyterlab_infinstor'

The following commands uninstall older versions and install new versions of the infinstor pip packages

pip uninstall -y infinstor
pip install infinstor
pip uninstall -y infinstor-mlflow-plugin
pip install infinstor-mlflow-plugin
pip uninstall -y jupyterlab_infinstor
pip install jupyterlab_infinstor

InfinStor npm packages

The InfinStor service is aided by the jupyterlab sidebar npm package jupyterlab-infinstor. This package is installed in the machine where the jupyterlab server runs.


This package is compatible with version 2.x and 3.x of jupyterlab. Ensure that you are running version 2.x or 3.x of jupyterlab by typing the command jupyter --version and looking for the line jupyter lab. The jupyter lab version should be greater than 2.x

npm install -d jupyterlab-infinstor
jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-infinstor