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Sign up and Use InfinStor Starter

This is a brief outline of the steps required to sign up for and use the InfinStor Starter with MLflow service.


  • InfinStor Starter is available through the AWS Marketplace
  • InfinStor Starter is basically free
    • However AWS Marketplace requires us to charge at least a small fee for SaaS contract based services
    • We charge 0.01 US dollar for unlimited use for a whole year, with renewal available for two additional years
  • Once you subscribe to InfinStor Starter from the AWS Marketplace, you will be redirected to
    • You must create an InfinStor account at this point. There is no charge for this
  • The MLflow UI is available at
    • You must login using your InfinStor username and password
    • If you want to integrate access control with your Active Directory, please email
  • The MLflow UI is also available as a tab in the Jupyterlab integration that we provide
    • Install the components required for bringing up the InfinStor jupyterlab sidebar
    • Bring up the MLflow UI from the sidebar.
  • MLflow projects support is available from the command line
    • Install the infinstor-MLflow-plugin using pip in order to use InfinStor Starter MLflow Projects
    • You can use InfinStor Starter MLflow Projects to run jobs in the cloud

AWS Marketplace

Subscription Contract

Since AWS Marketplace does not allow us to list free products, we charge $0.01 per year for the service, i.e. it is essentially free.

Contract Details

Pressing the 'Create Contract' button pops up a message showing you the $0.01 cost

Subscription Success

Successful subscription!

Redirection to Service

At this point, AWS Marketplace will redirect you to the InfinStor service website so that you can create an InfinStor service account. Click on the 'Sign up!' link to get started. You will need to provide an email address for the confirmation code

Successful Service Account

When you enter the confirmation code sent to you by email, your account is activated