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Jupyterlab InfinStor Sidebar Installation

InfinStor Machine Learning Platform is a tool for Data Scientists and Data Engineers to manage their machine learning workflow. InfinStor's core capabilities include InfinSnap fine grained snapshots of S3 buckets at any point in time in the past, InfinSlice slices of S3 bucket data that was ingested in a specified period of time, Tensor Snapshots, and Transforms that can be run in the cloud.

InfinStor Sidebar Prerequisites

  • The python libraries that InfinStor uses must be installed using the following commands
conda install -c conda-forge -y ipywidgets
conda install -y nodejs
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager
npm install @jupyterlab/notebook
pip install aiohttp

InfinStor Sidebar Components

InfinStor sidebar for Jupyterlab consists of four components:

Jupyter Server Extension

Server Extension infinstor_jupyterlab, installed into the jupyter server from PyPI repository

pip uninstall -y jupyterlab_infinstor
pip install jupyterlab_infinstor
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyterlab_infinstor

You may need to install aiohttp using 'pip install aiohttp'

Python Client Library (for use in the ipython kernel)

Client Library infinstor (our SDK) installed into the ipthon kernel from the PyPI repository

pip uninstall -y infinstor
pip install infinstor

InfinStor mlflow plugin

InfinStor mlflow plugin, installed from the PyPI repository

pip uninstall -y infinstor_mlflow_plugin
pip install infinstor_mlflow_plugin

Browser Component

Browser Component infinstor-jupyterlab, installed from

Use the following command to determine the version of jupyterlab that you have

jupyter --version|grep lab

If it is version 1.x, you need to install jupyterlab-1x-infinstor using the following command

npm install -d jupyterlab-1x-infinstor
jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-1x-infinstor

If the version of jupyterlab is version 2.x, you need to install jupyterlab-infinstor using the following command

$ npm install -d jupyterlab-infinstor
$ jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-infinstor