Installing InfinStor S3proxy

InfinStor s3proxy is necessary for accessing InfinSnap and InfinSlice using standard boto3.

Create s3proxy root stack

  • In your AWS Console, go to CloudFormation and choose create stack
  • Use Amazon S3 URL for template source. The URL is:

While creating the above stack you are presented with an option for the CFT to create the certifcates or you can provide a pre-created certificate. If you pre-create a certificate, then the certifacte must have two names:


The s3proxy CFT emits the DNS Name of the Load Balancer in the export named infinstor-s3proxy:S3ProxyLoadBalancerDnsName

Hence, if you choose to create your own DNS entries, you need to create the following CNAME entries:

s3proxy.<domain> to infinstor-s3proxy:S3ProxyLoadBalancerDnsName
*.s3proxy.<domain> to infinstor-s3proxy:S3ProxyLoadBalancerDnsName

Resources Used

The s3proxy runs in one t3.large EC2 instance