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Sign up and use the free service

Sign up

Click on the 'Sign up' button in the website, and you will need to fill out this simple form. Here is a sample screenshot:

  • Choose a username
  • Provide your email address. This email address will be used for confirmation codes and account recovery
  • Enter your MLflow artifact URL S3 bucket in the form of s3://bucketname/path-in-bucket
  • Enter the ARN of the IAM role and the External ID

Use the free service

First, create an experiment

Using the CLI, the command 'mlflow experiments create -n aabbcc' may be used to create an experiment called aabbcc. Naturally, you will need to substitute your own name for the experiment.

mlflow experiments create -n aabbcc

The system responds with the experiment ID. For example:

Created experiment 'aabbcc' with id 5

Setup the MLFLOW_EXPERIMENT_ID environment variable

Set the environment variable MLFLOW_EXPERIMENT_ID with the value. For example the folloing works in the bash shell. You may want to add this to ~/.bashrc


Setup the MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI environment variable

set the environment variables MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI to infinstor://

export MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI=infinstor://

Access the MLflow Web UI

The mlflow web user interface is available at:

InfinStor Free MLflow Service Web GUI